While we have been stuck inside for 15 months during this pandemic, no one’s been able to go out partying. So now’s the time research has shown that partying is good for us. It has benefits like reducing stress, reducing the risk of depression, and strengthening the immune system. 

Here are some things I think you should do to get yourself out there again. If you don’t want to start going clubbing or to parties just yet, why not start with something like going out for a drink with your family or drinking with a group of mates. There are plenty of pubs everywhere. 

The restrictions designed to prevent the spread of coronavirus have had a profound impact on the way we handle going out and have messed with all of our mental health. There was already a mental health emergency before coronavirus, and the pandemic has only made it worse. More than half of adults (60%) and over two-thirds of young people (68%) have said their mental health got worse during the lockdown. 

Many people now face terrible anxiety when it comes to going out at all. But you can only face that by going back out and making it into a fun experience rather than a bad one. 

Here are some tips if you do want to get back out. 

  • Make sure you get a good night’s sleep the night before.
  • Go out with people you feel comfortable with.
  • If you are drinking, take breaks in between drinks.
  • Make sure you know how you’re going to get home.

You do not only destress when partying; you also boost your social life. It is especially important to gather the right people around you. If you do not feel comfortable, you won’t be happy. But if you have the right positive people accompanying you, party nights are going to be great. 

Some of the benefits of going out and partying are:

  • Partying with others can reduce stress. 

Being around others allows you to focus on something greater than yourself and your problems. It also can allow you to learn about others’ dilemmas.

  • Partying reduces the risk of depression. 

Partying, among others, allows your attention to be redirected to something hopeful and happy. Music and smiling are contagious. The increase in endorphins provides for a productive mood variation that can lessen the torment of depression.

  • Partying can strengthen your immune system. 

To party in a social setting with others who make you feel good puts your body in a positive state. You become thankful and joyous of those around you and for the warm interactions. A healthy mentality is a driving force behind your physical health.

However, there are issues too: 

  • Alcohol: The more we drink alcohol, the more we forget about the disadvantages of alcohol. And whereas this is sometimes really helpful to destress, the result of over-consumption of alcohol without a doubt harms our bodies.
  • Social smoking: It might have some placebo effects, and also the trend is quite interesting, but usually on the following day, we regret smoking.
  • Unhealthy snacks: To have something in our hands, we tend to eat unnecessary snacks with our drinks just because they are there and everyone else is eating them too. 
  • Sleep deprivation: Whether you drink or not, a lot of partying can lead to a lack of sleep. And even if we do not drink at all, our sleep routine suffers, leading to sleep deprivation.

This blog is all about trying to help you guys with confidence to get you back out, so I hope this will encourage you to go party and have fun, and let’s face it when we feel good, and have fun, our sales game is stronger.

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