Your customers are spending time on TikTok, you should too.

Your customers use TikTok to be inspired, entertained, and discover new products. So if you sell food, clothes, art, coaching or tattoos, you will find an audience for your products on TikTok.

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Why TikTok?

It's where everyone hangs out

  • • 75 languages in over 150 markets and no other video app is found on mobile devices around the globe.

  • • Reach millions of users that are not found on any other social platform.

Win the hearts of your customers

  • • There's no need to hunt followers, begging them to see your brand. TikTok is optimized for good content.

  • • Get better session times and higher engagement with your community.

We make TikTok simple

TikTok presents the greatest opportunity to steal market share from your competitors on social media, and working with ebb+flow, we position your brand in trending stories that produce rapid growth.

Grow your audience with our account management service. We look after the creation, editing and publishing of your content.

Reach more customers with our TikTok ads manager service, we can target lookalike and custom audiences with flexible budgeting.

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Grow your business using TikTok

Drive brand awareness and build a community

Nurture your community to become your brand advocates and help new audiences discover your products.

Increase sales and find new customers

Share your products, and educate your audience with great content to boost your online and offline sales.

Find new customers and sell more

Use your existing customers to build custom lookalike audiences who may be interested in your new products.

Create and convert more leads

Educate and entertain your audience to produce highly relevant and qualified marketing leads who want your offering.